What is the ICE WELL Live Well?

The Original ICE WELL Live Well is a newly designed, patented product which provides an alternative way for ice fishermen to preserve their catch and respect the resource, their caught fish. The ICE WELL Live Wells revolutionary design provides fishermen an alternative to throwing their fish on the ice, in a bucket or cooler where they die, freeze and turn into a slimy mess. How it’s used. This product is designed to fit within 99% of standard 5-gallon buckets manufactured out there today. The ICE WELL Live well sits within the bucket for transport to and from the fishing destination. Upon arrival at the fishing spot the ice fisherman simply drills an extra 8″ or 10″ hole. The product is designed to fit either a standard 8″ or 10″ ice fishing hole. After the hole is drilled you simply drop the product into the hole, let it settle (fill) to the top of the ice and it’s ready to receive your caught fish keeping them off the ice, out of the cooler and/or bucket where they die, freeze and turn slimy. At the end of the fishing trip the fishermen simply use the hand hold to pull it out of the hole and place it back into the 5-gallon bucket for the ride home where their catch is likely still alive and unfrozen ready for table preparation. The Original ICE WELL Live Well makes it as easy as : Drill it, Drop it, Fill it, Pull it. Check us out..!!